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House Extensions in Leicester

Single and Double storey house extensions across Leicester and the rest of Leicestershire county.

CK Architetcurla provides house extensions across Leicester and Leicestershire as a hole to projects of all shapes and sizes. We provide a full architectural service for single and double storey house extensions alike, no matter what your project requirements may be or where you may be already in the architectural process.

From kitchen and dining extensions that benefit massively from modern open plan living spaces to sunrooms, bathrooms, and more, all to give you more liveable space and skyrocket your property value, our team has decades of expertise to help you make your house extension a success wherever you are in Leicester.

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Designing a House Extension in Leicester

Designing the perfect house extension for your property in Leicester is something that takes time, effort, attention to detail and architectural skill to really make the most of. Your house extension should be purpose-driven, with our designers understanding what the project will be used for both now and in the future to create design options you’ll love for decades to come, as well as looking incredible aesthetically.

We take into account your whole property, looking at how the extended space will work with the rest of your home harmoniously as well as being a fantastic new space for you to make the most of, all the while sticking to your budget requirements and giving you a project that works for you.

Once we have a design that you love, we’ll get final approval from you, and then take you through the rest of your architectural journey.

Planning Permission for House extensions in Leicester

The majority of house extensions in Leicester will be applicable for your permitted development rights to warrant not requiring more formal planning permission. Your permitted development rights mean that for smaller house extensions especially, and that won’t go back more than 2 or meters and take up no more than half of your garden, you can build without getting planning permission. That’s in most cases at least.

In some cases, however, permitted development rights don’t quite cut it. It may be because of the size of the extension or the space you have available, a conservation area, or a directive from the council but for whatever reason, sometimes planning is needed.

CK Architectural is equipped to help you in any of these scenarios. We work with you to get a certificate of lawful development to prove the legitimacy of permitted development, as well as carrying out full planning applications and submitting as well as liaising with the local planning authority to get you the permissions you need to move forward with your work. 

Building regulations for house extensions

Another aspect to consider before you build is that there are multiple local authority building control bodies in Leicester that will need to give approval for your build to be made legal. Building regulations are one of the easiest ways to get this approval, by submitting drawings of the work that is being planned with all relevant measurements, calculations, materials, and factors required for pre approval to be made.

Building regulations drawings include all kinds of build, from heat, ventilation, and light to material choices, structural calculations, and much more, all to make sure the finished project will meet all legal requirements in the UK and be safe above all else. Building without this approval means your work may be illegitimate, and in a worst-case scenario, it may even make your property difficult to sell, invalidate insurance, or be required to be removed.

No matter which authority you are within in Leicestershire, our team has the experience and the expertise needed to get your approval for you. We submit the drawings on your behalf, make any amendments as and when required at no extra cost, and hand the completed drawings over to you ready to hand to a builder to quote from, all in varying levels of service you can tailor to your budget.

Building your home extension

After you have building control approval, the final step in the process is to actually build the extension. While we are not builders, we do offer a project management service to all of our clients in Leicester.

In our project management service, we oversee the build of your extension from start to finish. Your project manager will help you to select the right builder for the project at hand, administering contracts and checking their credentials to help protect your work, as well as making legally binding agreements that protect you in the long term.

We perform regular site inspections, carry out issue mediation, and help to make your build as stress-free and low-cost as possible, giving you an experience you can enjoy without the hassle that often comes with building.

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