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Building Regulations & Building Control Drawings in Leicester

Building Control Drawings, Submission and Liaison in Leicester from Architectural Experts

CK Architectural provides building regulations drawing steady for building control approval across the whole of Leicester and the surrounding areas. We have several levels of building regulations drawing services available to choose from, allowing our clients to select the best fitted package for their projects and providing the best value for money in the industry.

We have a vastly experienced team of architectural professionals working across Leicester, meaning that whether you’re looking for an extension or conversion, or even full scale commercial works, our building regulations services are scalable and uniquely suited to your particular project to get the approvals you need to make your project a success.

How Building Regulations Work

Building regulations drawings are used to show the various aspects of your project that are legally required for your build to be legitimate. Without Building Control approval, your build may be unsafe or illegal, and in really serious cases you may be forced to remove the work or get retrospective permission, removing any offending areas. It’s not a good process to be stuck in.

Building regulations drawings prevent that by showing all of the required details ahead of time to Building Control. They can approve these drawings or require amendments to be made, which once made and approved, can then act as the outline of the building work that must take place, and when done, you know that work is legally sufficient.

Building Regulations Services We Offer

CK Architectural offers different levels of building regulations drawings to ensure that we only provide our clients with the services that are suited best.

Standard Building Regulations

Basic building regulations are the most budget friendly option we provide. These drawings cover the essentials of what is required to gain building control approval, as well as the submission and amendments of these drawings as required by Building Control, minus the submission fee.

Detailed Building Regulations

Detailed building regulations are the next step up from basic regulations. These drawings are more detailed still, meaning that you have a clearer picture of what works are going to be required, outlining fixtures and fittings as well as other specific elements of the building work that could otherwise be subjective to the builder doing the work.

Building Notice

Working drawings are the most comprehensive drawings that we have available. These drawings cover every aspect of the work at hand that can essentially be used by a builder to work from directly without anything left to interpretation. This is often the best way to ensure your builder will quote accurately for the job from the start and ensures your build quality should reach a certain standard.

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Other Services We Offer

In addition to building regulations drawings for our clients in Leicester, we do also provide a wide range of other architectural services too. This ranges from designs and drawings for plans or concepts, 3D visualisations, planning drawings and planning application work, and everything in between too.

Even on top of this, we also provide project management services as well. This is where we oversee the work you are having done, helping to vet builders and find the best team for the job, monitoring their work on a regular basis to ensure the quality of workmanship is up to standard, and generally making the process as smooth and stress free as possible due to third party involvement.

Whatever kind of service level you are looking for with your project, our team has the skill and experience to make it a success. Contact our team today and we’ll give you all of the quotes and advice that you need before making any commitments.

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